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Learn how to protect your parents' assets and get them the best care possible:
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Why getting the best care for your elderly parents is never as easy as just doing it yourself...
How to navigate the elder care process with confidence and ease.
How you can avoid losing hundreds of thousands of dollars by doing one simple thing for your parents...
About Your Host
 Your Host:  Brian Tully, Certified Elder Law Attorney
Going through the Elder Care process can be one of the most complicated and trying times of your parents' lives.

You may have already experienced the stress, frustration, and anxiety that most adult children feel whenever they try to navigate the Elder Care process for their parents on their own.

It doesn't have to be that way.

Brian Andrew Tully is a certified Elder Law Attorney who devoted his life to serving hundreds of families on Long Island, NY where he grew up.  His grandparents on both sides played a huge role in raising him and he witnessed firsthand the pain and struggle that the elderly face as they get older.

As an attorney, he could help many families protect their assets, but he's gone much farther than that. 

He put together this powerful training to educate adult children on how to properly navigate the Elder Care process for their parents so that they can avoid the stress and avoid breaking the bank while caring for their parents.

Brian Tully is more than just a lawyer, he is your family's trusted friend in their most trying time of need.
PLUS: Huge Bonus
 Your Host:  Brian Tully, Certified Elder Law Attorney
PLUS: Huge Bonus
If you attend today's training and stick around to the end, Brian Tully and the Tully Law team will give you a powerful guide:

The Top 7 Things Your Aging Parents MUST Do Before They Need Care!
  •  Asset Protection: Those who fail to plan, plan to fail.  This one tip will shelter most of your parent's assets over the long-term.
  •  Estate Planning: How you can help your parents safeguard your inheritance and help them structure their Last Will and Testament.
  •  Have the Conversation: Find out how to start the conversation of care with your aging parents, it's not always easy but they won't be the ones to initiate, so you must. 
And so much more...  Register for your training today, it's starting soon!
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